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How Crazy Egg’s “Confetti” Report Help Visualize User Engagement?

Do you want to know in-depth analysis of your visitor information in addition to "heat map tracking"? Then you should know about the "Confetti" report in the Crazy Egg tool. It tells you about various parameters of the users, to give a complete picture of how people are engaging with your content. You can know about the referrer, search terms, search engine, country, operating system, browser, window width from which the users are coming to your site. Find More : Why I think Bounce Rate and Google Ranking are not related [...]

How Heat Map Analytics can be done with a Simple Tool like Crazy Egg?

Do you want to increase your website traffic and sales? Then you must “clearly” understand your visitors! You must know where visitors are clicking on your site, to know the “user intent”. By knowing these trivial issues, you can better channel your resources, to update your content. If you are able to find out, the “heatmap” of your visitors clicks, you can conclude that the users are interested in that part of the content. You can also better modify the ad positions, so that you can place your best ads [...]

31+ Interesting WhatsApp Statistics in 2015 (July)

No need of balance in cellphone, message offers are not necessary. If you have WhatsApp in your phone that is sufficient. Hundreds of messages and hours of chit-chat. From morning to night, you can chat with relatives, friends and social people. You can even talk and share business related issues in a minute. You can even mesmerize your friends with photos and videos. That is why, after starting within a few years, WhatsApp became a favorite app for many. It has broken all records. WhatsApp main office is in Mountain [...]

How to Know Statistics of YouTube Traffic for your Videos or Slides?

YouTube is the brainchild of 3 former Paypal employees in Feb 2005. Google bought this video-sharing service in Nov 2006 for US$1.65 billion. About 1 billion people use YouTube and the estimated revenues are around $4 billion. There are around 4 billion video views on YouTube per day, with 6 billion of hours of video watched per month. About 82% of US Internet teen users aged between 14-17 uses YouTube. To upload a video to YouTube, you just have to click that button. You can also create slides with this [...]