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Listen to Pandora outside US – Without Proxy

There are some ways you can listen to Pandora outside US, but which require some tweaks to your proxy setup. Earlier I had been using HotSpotShield to achieve the magic. But there were some disadvantages in using the above Proxy tool.

It’d try to change my search engine and install a toolbar and also sit inside my internet local area connection. Above all these, it’d make the internet connection very slow.  I didn’t have money to buy a VPN thing, so that I can be on  a dedicated proxy. The only way was to wait for a tweak or hack to listen to pandora music online.

Luckily today, I found a tweak from which removed my fears and could play pandora music from anywhere in the world without even having an account. The answer is very simple.

You need to use an addon or extension if you’re using Firefox or Chrome respectively. 

Before we go into the details, I’d like to introduce PANDORA to my readers. Well, Pandora is not the same you saw in “Avatar”. Pandora is a popular music website where you can listen to various playstations and search for music for free. You can listen to your favourite song just by typing the song name or favorite artist.

Pandora Online Music

What’s the restriction ?

By default, this service plays only in the US or America. So if anyone is trying to access the pandora website, they’ll be displayed with a restricted page.

pandora not available outside united states

You’ll be asked to fill up your email, if you want to know when Pandora is available in your country.

So what’s the tweak to play pandora anywhere on the earth, without using a proxy.

  1. If you are on Firefox, install the HTTPS Everywhere extension developed by EFF and restart the browser.
  2. If you are on Google Chrome, install the HTTPS Everywhere extension. Then click the extension’s icon in the Chrome address bar and set the status to enable.
  3. Now open the Pandora website in your browser and you should be able to use Pandora just like any other user inside the United States.


Update: At present, the above extensions seem to be not working. As an alternative you can try the HotSpot Shield method. This is an 100% working tweak, using which you not only can listen to Pandora from outside U.S.A, but also listen to other streaming services like OpenHulu and


This tweak or hack works better in Firefox as all the settings to play Pandora are already adjusted. Also, the addon used is a stable version. But if you’re using Chrome you may need to tweak a few settings, as the extension is still in beta version. As it can be understood, that the IP based filtering doesn’t seem to work when the site is accessed on a secure connection.

[Source : Labnol]
Listen to Pandora outside US – Without Proxy
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