2 Chrome Extensions to Save Multiple Tabs and Email Them

Many a times you open multiple number of tabs in browsers and look for ways to save all of them. Chrome is an efficient browser which reached version 19 and is in the development milestone. Just like in Firefox, Chrome has got efficient extensions. There are many Chrome extensions which can save all open multiple tabs at once and bookmark them.

But what if you change your computer and want to reopen the closed multiple tabs. One way is to store all the links of multiple tabs in a notepad and mail to your self. Though the idea is good, the execution is cumbersome.  To overcome these hurdles, there are two Chrome extensions called Save & Email My Tabs and Tabulate.

Both the Chrome extensions save multiple tabs and send them to your email or others mail id.

[box type=”note” icon=”none”]What does Save & Email My Tabs do ?[/box]

This Chrome Extension, just like the name implies, lets you enter an email ID in a pop-up and assign an email name, so that you can send multiple tabs to that particular email id with a click or two.   Save & Email My Tabs will show a notification right within the pop-up to notify you that all the multiple open tabs are mailed to the email you mentioned earlier.

The email recipient will receive a single link for all the multiple tabs in his mailbox. On clicking the link, it’ll open a page with Restore Tabs button. You can also view the number of tabs to be restored. Click the Restore Tabs button to open all the multiple tabs.


Save & Email My Tabs is a light weight Chrome extension and is useful to send large amount of content to others in the form of links. One drawback is that, there is no option to selectively select tabs and send them to a mail id.

[box type=”note” icon=”none”]What does Tabulate do ?[/box]

This is a similar Chrome extension which saves the lay user of tedious task of copying each link and pasting them in the mail editor and sending them to others. Tabulate is a Chrome extension which makes the whole process of sending all open tabs to someone else as a single, shortened URL.


Tabulate creates a link to all the list of open multiple tabs present in your current window and uses the Bridge URL to create a shortened, unified link. The Bridge URL link opens a page containing all the multiple tab links with an option to open all links at once.

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Both the Chrome extensions are useful to save multiple tabs and email them to others in the form of a single link.

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