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How to Listen Pandora and Watch Hulu outside U.S using Tor

In my earlier post I wrote about accessing Pandora outside U.S without any  proxy using Firefox addon and Chrome extension. Well, that method worked for a few days, but now it stopped working. While my heart dropped with this tweak not working, I was looking for better ways to accomplish this. Although I can use the free VPN service of HotSpotShield and circumvent around the problem, I didn’t want my ISP network settings to be tangled.

Today, I found another way of listening to Pandora and watching Hulu without using a proxy. This method is by using the Tor relay network. For simplicity sake, you can understand Tor as a giant network of proxies. Tor is maintained by volunteers who form this spider network and are interconnected to give you privacy and secrecy. Once you start using Tor, your IP will be assigned to one of the many volunteers of the relay network. By this way, you can have a US proxy or a UK proxy or for that matter any country proxy.

The advantage with this kind of proxy network is that you can access websites and torrents blocked by governments, companies, universities etc and view them at work or office. This method of unblock can be used to access websites like Pandora and Hulu.

Download Tor Browser Bundle

What is Included?

The Tor Browser Bundle contains the default core Tor software, Vidalia GUI, and Tor browser (Firefox version). The download for Windows will be a .exe file – tor-browser-2.2.35-12_en-US.exe. Its approximately 21MB. When you run this exe file, a folder will be created (just like unzipping a zip file).

How to Use?

In that folder there is a file called “Start Tor Browser.exe“. Run the exe file. This will display a pop-up window as shown in the below image.

Vidalia Control Panel in Tor

After a few minutes or seconds, the Tor Browser will start. A successful message is displayed showing that Tor is configured correctly for your Firefox browser.

Tor browser after start

Hurry! You’re ready to go. Just browse your favourite website or torrent and enjoy the fun. Using this tip you can access Hulu or Pandora from anywhere in the world i.e even if you’re living outside U.S. Sometimes, your websites may not open properly even after applying this proxy trick.

In that case, just click the “Use a New identity” button on the Vidalia Control Panel. This will allocate a new IP to your computer and the proxy can work in your favour. If this fails, try a few other proxies using the same button.

In addition to the above, you can view the bandwidth usage on the Vidalia Control panel and network of Tor relay.

My Review

I downloaded the same from Tor website and installed it and tried to listen to Pandora. But the following error message was displayed.

Pandora and Hulu not working with Tor

The Tor browser message was asking me to upgrade to a more current browser and install a newer version of Flash. My Firefox version was 12 (the latest stable release) and the Flash was updated with the most current release. But still both Hulu and Pandora didn’t work for me.

I’m assuming there is some glitch from my site, so please let me know if you faced the same problem or not in the comments section. Also, the net speed reduced to some extent after installing Tor.


How to Listen Pandora and Watch Hulu outside U.S using Tor
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About The Author → Palla Sridhar completed his Masters in Geotechnical Engineering from IIT Kanpur, INDIA. Civil Engineer by Profession and Blogger by passion. Worked in the IT industry for 10 years and on different software systems like Mainframes and J2EE. Current Blog focuses on Software, Social Media and SEO (SSS).
  • Reply Rocky September 18, 2012, 10:35 pm

    Why don’t you guys just try for just a minimal fee, you can watch all the shows you can from UK, USA and Canada without issues at all.

  • Reply twent4 September 17, 2012, 7:23 pm

    The browser it runs isn’t the same Firefox you have installed on your system. You need to go into Torbutton preferences inside the browser it launches, go to “security settings” and deselect “disable plugins”. Then you must copy the plugins from “C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlash” into
    Finally go into Tools>Addons>Plugins and make sure Flash is enabled. This brings you closer, however Pandora still takes too long to load and complains.
    Google “strict exit nodes” to configure US exit nodes.

  • Reply Sweagle September 14, 2012, 6:55 am

    I have the same problem as you have.

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