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Free GiveAway of ScreenCamera Download and Serial Worth $49.95

Do you use Skype? Do you want to record your desktop? If the answer is “yes” to these questions, then you definitely need PCWinsoft’s ScreenCamera. More than that, we are giving away “ScreenCamera Download Free Offer” to our readers for the next 3 months. The software otherwise costs $49.95.

Whenever you are doing video calling on Skype or Yahoo Messenger, you felt the need to do video capture or video recroding. There is no default camera software to record this in Windows 7 or Vista. The only resort is to use a third-party device like ScreenCamera, which you can download free using the link below.

Family ScreenCamera is a set of programs for video capture and video broadcast. The special advantage with ScreenCamera is that its listed in the Centre of Compatibility of Microsoft. Also, the virtual camera of ScreenCamera is compatible with Skype and all programs and websites that work with webcams.

ScreenCamera Download Free Give Away to “Windows7Port”  Readers

Alessandro Ferri of PCWinSoft Systems Informatica Ltd was kind enough to contact me and offer a free give away offer of ScreenCamera to our readers. This free opportunity lasts only 3 months from the posting of this date.  All you have to do to get the free serial key for ScreenCamera is to visit the following link.

The registration process is in two steps.

1 – ) Fullfill the registration page
2 – ) Request keys to your e-mail


Once you fill the first name, last name and your email and entered the captcha, you just need to click “Next” button. You will get a registration confirmation message and download link to ScreenCamera software as below. Download the software and install on your computer. Mind you, the trial software works only for 21 days and you need to activate it before it expires.


To get your free serial key by email follow the following steps.


  • Trial dialog > Click ‘Register’ > Mark ‘Send key to my e-mail’ > Click ‘Next’ > Then enter the e-mail address you used to register > Then click ‘Send’. The key is sent to your e-mail address.
  • After you receive the key you go:
  • Trial dialog > Click ‘Register’ > Mark ‘Enter key’ > Click ‘Next’ > Then enter the key you have received on your e-mail > Then click ‘Authenticate’.

Warning : You have to be careful while filling the email address in the “Registration” dialog of the software. The email address should match the address that you have given at the online page mentioned earlier. Also, after receiving the serial key to your address, a HARDWARE-FINGERPRINT will be also generated. The serial key works with only the computer from which you sent the registration information. In case you want to format your PC, you need to register again or use the HARDWARE-FINGERPRINT key.

Update : The latest version is adds a video camera driver for Windows 8. Let me know in the comments whether you can use ScreenCamera Download Free offer to update to the new version.

Free GiveAway of ScreenCamera Download and Serial Worth $49.95
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