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[Solved] How to Remove Credit Card Details from Facebook

Sometimes simplicity can lead to complexity. Same happened to me with Facebook. I created  Facebook Ad Manager with my Credit Card details. That was the starting of my imaginary problems. I could not find a way easily to remove the payment method from Facebook Account settings. The process looked straight forward. But it took me [...]

How To Revert New FaceBook Design of 2013 to “Old” Layout

In an earlier article we saw how to get invited to the new Facebook News Feed of 2013 and its eye-appealing features. But when I checked my Google Analytics Organic search keywords, readers are visiting my site to revert back from the 2013 News feed look to the old interface. Are Facebook users really hating [...]

2013 New Facebook News Feed – Join the Bandwagon!

We earlier talked about the latest design of Facebook News Feed in 2013. There are plethora of changes which according to Mark Zuckerberg expectations will bring advertisers and users more close to Facebook. As the news was unveiled on Thursday ( 7th March, 2013) many expected it to start rolling in further coming days. But [...]

All about Ads in Facebook News Feed and New Revamped Design

Many services like News Feed, Messages, Events, Photos, Smart Lists, Groups etc are provided as part of Favorites on Facebook homepage. Out of all these services, Facebook News Feed is one such service which is incrementally changing and important for its popularity. But the presentation is not without some distractions. As you have observed, there [...]

How to Add Facebook Like/Recommend/Share buttons in Blogger below Post Title

Want to have Facebook Like, Recommend, Share buttons in Blogger just below the post title ? Learn how to add each button to your Blogger post! Step-by-Step tutorial to add all the three buttons.

How to Revert to Old Facebook Profile ? Review and Tips

Timeline feature introduced in Facebook was welcomed by some of the users, while I personally felt little annoying. Earlier when we had the old facebook profile layout, we could see basic things like Work and Education, Philosophy, Sports, Activities and Interests, Arts and Entertainment in horizontal tab rows one after another. But in the new [...]