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How to Increase Google Adsense Earnings with Channels?

Google Adsense is one of the top advertising models to earn money online. You can increase Google Adsense earnings by writing good content for your blog or website and then place Adsense ads at correct positions by doing the right research. The fundamentals of earnings from Adsense is very clear. When a user visits your [...]

[Working] How to Make Default Search Engine in Chrome Omni Box or Address Bar

The default search engine in the omni box of Chrome is your local country based Google version. The current stable version of Google Chrome is 41.0.2272.101. Though there are developer and beta builds available, this form is without bugs and errors, for now. I recently formatted my OS and had to install all my programs. So [...]

[Fix] Google Chrome slow in Windows 8.1- Several solutions

The latest stable build as on Nov 4th, 2014 is 38.0.2125.111. I’m currently using Windows 8.1 64 bit and there are no performance issues like slow speed or hanging up etc. I’m using an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU with Gigabyte motherboard and 8 GB DDR3 ram and Nvidia Geforce 210 Graphics card.   But [...]

Website Demographics and Google Analytics – View Age, Gender of your Visitors

Do you own a blog? Do you regularly check its web analytics? So here are a few tips which will be useful to know the website demographics. All publishers want to increase their online income either through advertising or selling affiliate products. For this purpose, you need to to know the age and gender of [...]

How To Downgrade Chrome from Beta on Windows, Mac and Linux

One of the astonishing features about Chrome is the speed with which it updates its versions. The version numbers are also peculiar for Dev, Beta and Stable releases. A typical stable release version will look like this - Google Chrome 34.0.1847.116. Now a curious user like myself would be tempted to see what's new in the Dev [...]

How To Do Keyword Research in 2014 using GA and Write Traffic Driven Content?

Earlier I talked about doing keyword research with various third-party tools like HitTail, Ant Pugilist and also using Google in-house products. But with 2014, the scenario has changed regarding SEO and many things are being concentrated on the basics. First of all, you need not do any keyword research to do well in Google, Yahoo or [...]

How To Transfer Google+ Page Ownership to Another Account

With Facebook and Google+, Pages have become popular. Brands, Businesses, Organisations, Products having an omnipresence,  like to publicize themselves using Pages. A Page is a symbol of your ideas and thoughts. A blogger can create a Page for his blog and share his posts, photos, videos. You can also hangout with your followers using this [...]

[New] Get Notifications from Your Circle in Google+

Since the inception of Facebook, Google is trying to compete in social-network sharing. With this idea behind, it bought Google+ into the play-forum of social playground. The features and permissions of both these social networks are being kept updated, so that users can get glued to their particular community. One recent change I observed today [...]

[Tutorial] Organize Bookmarks in Chrome using this Simple In-house Tool

The latest stable release of Google Chrome is 32.0.1700.76 as of Jan, 2014. While the beta and dev versions are released from time to time, its the stable version that is without much problems. Chrome has become the leading browser with 40% share and its popularity keeps growing with increase in number of extensions. But why should [...]

How to Do Online File Sharing Using Google Drive for Free

Whether you are Home user or Office goer, you need to share files online for different activities. These can be photo or videos for personal reasons. Alas, if you are a workaholic you need to share templates, documents with your colleagues or boss. But the real question is, how large these files can be? It's [...]