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How To Do KeyWord Research using Simple Google Free Tools

If you have doubts on any subject and you are an online freak, you would have definitely used Google to get your answers. But if you are a blogger like me and interested in writing articles or posts, you need to do some SEO before you get top rankings in search engines. It's not as [...]

Insert Adsense Ads Inside Post in WordPress – Quick Adsense

Wordpress has different free plugins. But, too many can spoil the Google rankings by decreasing performance and speed. So it's always wise to choose a limited number of plugins suited for your needs. Coming to making money online, Adsense is one such program which gives maximum revenue out of all the available ad networks. Wordpress [...]

How To Use Different Web Browsers Effectively for Email and Blogging

Gone are the days when Windows users used to stick to only Internet Explorer.  May be due to legal issues or abandoning of monopolistic approaches, PC Internet audience are using different web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome on the same operating system. These you can use in addition to the default web browser (IE8 or IE9). [...]

How to Increase Browser Cache in Google Chrome ?

Is your browsing speed slow in Google Chrome ?  One thing to improve  is to increase browser cache. But there can be other reasons why Google Chrome is slow.  Other browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox have a direct way of increasing their cache. But in Google Chrome it's little different. Painstakingly you have to [...]

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