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How To Reduce Bounce Rate : A Simple Case-Study

I almost did the invincible. As you can observe the above graphic, my bounce rates in Aug, 2013 were almost between 85-92%. Generally it's beneficial to keep this below 60% as many popular blogs do. Coming to my blog, I almost have written 100+ posts, but the traffic is very negligible. It's almost one and [...]

How HitTail can help you write keyword focused articles?

One of the important areas in keyword research is finding out the long tail keywords. The term "keyword" has become synonymous with Google Search and other search engine brands like Bing and Yahoo. Keywords are helpful to bloggers and content writers in the context that they help you focus your article on a specific topic. [...]

Google Analytics for SEO – Know About New Adsense Options

Once you own a website, web analytics is a key factor in determining your earning  opportunities. One such free tool from Google is - "Google Analytics" or GA for short. Though, I'm not going to dwell on "how to create a Google Analytics account" and other intricate details which should be an easy-going for a normal SEO [...]

[Tutorial] Setup Google WebMaster Tools Data Sharing with Google Analytics

Many website owners use Google Analytics to get site traffic data of their website/blog. Recently Google has introduced a new interface, in which there were lot of changes to the old interface. One thing that changed is the integration of Google Webmaster Tools data with Google Analytics data. This is very effective to see Search [...]